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Innovating The Future Of HVAC

Anderson Mechanical Services Inc. would not be what it is today if it weren’t for our desire to push forward with new and exciting HVAC technologies. In the age of technology, there are numerous ways to improve and simplify the indoor climate control space like Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) which is one of our specialties at AMSI. We are enthusiastic about VRFs trailblazing technology and work hard to see more customers adopt it. VRF will reduce energy costs, eliminate cumbersome duct work, and enable more control when cooling and heating different spaces in a building. More and more property owners are choosing VRF systems for their climate control because it offers far greater options for temperature and air management. With that, there isn’t a more trained and educated team when it comes to VRF technology in the Mid-Atlantic region. We’re Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland’s first choice when it comes to cutting-edge VRF climate technology.

Easy Installation

Low Maintenance Costs

30-40% Savings On Energy

Heat and Cool Simultaneously

What Is VRF/VRV?

Variable Refrigerant Flow is a ductless, dual action climate system that is ideal for heating and cooling spaces without excessive mechanical installation. VRF systems allow multiple indoor units to operate on a single system and are able to heat and cool separate rooms simultaneously. One system that can heat some rooms and cool others while consuming a fraction of the energy needed is highly beneficial for tenants and property managers alike. 

VRF technology uses inverter systems to enable compressors to either ramp up or down, depending on the need of each room or space, to reduce the amount of energy spent affecting the temperature. Traditional, non-inverter systems are typically running at full capacity continuously, expending more energy than needed.

The design and installation of VRF systems are customizable and easier to retrofit into buildings due to the lack of physical space needed for forced air ducts, making them an optimal choice for large, multi-tenant buildings like offices, hotels, and apartment complexes, schools, and even common residential homes. 

Our technicians are fully trained and qualified to service VRF systems by: Mitsubishi Trane, Daikin, Samsung, and LG.

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VRF Benefits

When thinking of Variable Refrigerant Flow technology, think more compact and more efficient. A system that is easier on the bank account and less invasive on the interior space of a building. The primary reasons VRF is chosen for a building’s HVAC system are:

  • It’s Energy Efficient: Duct systems are commonly reported to lose about 30-40% of energy due to leaky ducts and heat gained/lost traveling throughout large buildings. VRF solves this issue right away!
  • Smaller Size: VRF systems take up much less space than traditional systems that are heavy and take far more time installing.
  • Less Noise: These systems make much less noise than a traditional HVAC system.
  • Customizable Settings: Depending on the VRF system, occupants have control over which zones are heated and cooled at the same time. 
  • Versatility: Variable Refrigerant Flow systems are optimal for buildings of all sizes.

VRF Repair

There are many things that make VRF systems great. They take up less space than conventional systems, they are easier to install into new buildings and retrofit into older ones, and they are easier and faster to repair. While the start-up costs can be more involved, the repair and maintenance of VRF systems is typically much faster and less expensive than working on diagnosing and repairing a duct HVAC system! That means less downtime while making occupants comfortable again. Our VRF experts are trained to manage repairs on every brand of VRF technology, and our customers trust Anderson Mechanical Services Inc. to offer the best, timely solutions whenever their VRF HVAC system is in need!

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Don’t trust the well-being of your properties’ tenants to a “Pete and a Truck” HVAC company. Call on the professionals who are at the top of their game – Anderson Mechanical Service Inc.


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