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Commercial HVAC Repair and Preventive Maintenance Service

Emergency HVAC problems strike fear into property managers like nothing else. The idea of a building full of tenants who are stuck without adequate heating, ventilation, or air conditioning service is a nightmare, and at Anderson Mechanical we’re well aware.

That’s why we are proud to offer the Mid-Atlantic’s premier commercial HVAC service repairs and preventative maintenance for our commercial clients. Our services are available 24/7/365 and our standard response is within 24-48 hours for routine repair and same day service for emergency services, so you can rest assured that when things inevitably go wrong the experts have you covered. For those who like to get ahead of issues, we offer customizable preventative maintenance contracts that fit any budget.

With a routine maintenance plan in place, property managers don’t have to worry about sudden HVAC failures due to a lack of attention to their mechanical systems. Our customized service schedules will keep clients informed on the condition of their units and drastically reduce the need for emergency repairs in the future.

Our clients are served by technicians with extensive training on everything from conventional HVAC systems to the latest and greatest commercial VRV and VRF systems. That means we don’t send generalists to diagnose and fix problems – we send skilled technicians who have received training from all the major manufacturers and know exactly how to service each unique HVAC system. Our professional staff are the best at communicating what is going on, what they can do to rectify the situation, and offer expert recommendations for the future. We don’t just stop when we fix the problem – we go the extra distance to leave our clients set up for success.

24-48 Hour Response Time

Same Day Emergency Response

Service Any Manufacturer

Maintenance Deals For Every Budget

Commercial HVAC Repair

Normally it’s rare to have a professionally trained technician arrive at your property to repair HVAC systems and offer the most customer-centric solutions, but not with AMSI. Our field-techs are trained to not only repair the issues that initiated the call, but to do a full inspection and record all issues that could cause problems in the future, making professional suggestions during the site visit as well.

Anderson Mechanical Services Inc. is trusted by more commercial property managers to diagnose and repair HVAC malfunctions and damage because we get it done correctly the first time.

In fact, about 50% of our repair service calls are to correct the mistakes made by less skilled companies. This is a trend we have found unacceptable in the industry, that’s why we have all of our technicians and field estimators trained and up to date on all major HVAC manufacturers including Mitsubishi Trane, Daikin, Samsung, LG, Lenox, AAON, Carrier, Petra Engineering, Yaskawa,Toshi ba, and York and each AMSI dispatch has all the tools needed to address any brand of system.

We’ll always be honest with you – we don’t offer bottom of the barrel pricing because we don’t perform discount service. In fact, we save our clients money by performing repairs the right way the first time. 

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Why Do A Maintenance Program?

All too often property owners and managers wait until there are malfunctions with their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units before calling for service, leading to significant downtime and very frustrated occupants. Waiting for disasters to happen is never the right option. Setting a routine maintenance plan in place will assure that the building’s mechanical systems are in proper working order throughout the year and enable you to fix issues before they get worse and become serious problems.

Anderson Mechanical Services Inc. is proud to offer customizable maintenance plans that fit any client and any size budget! We work with clients to help determine the needs of their system and develop a schedule and service plan to keep machinery in tip-top shape and working as designed.

We’ll set certain pricing limits for routine work and special rates for problem fixes that are found during inspections. The goal of our maintenance programs is to make the overall care and service of our client’s HVAC systems to be as affordable and easy as possible while being proactive and prepared.

Don’t trust the well-being of your properties’ tenants to a “Pete and a Truck” HVAC company. Call on the professionals who are at the top of their game – Anderson Mechanical Service Inc.


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